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China commodity verification center query system entrance

Date:2021-01-19   Source: Huaxin Anti Counterfeiting

The latest new method to scan the QR code for anti-counterfeiting


- The information in a QR code is defined as a set of encrypted URLs

- Consumers can scan the QR code scanning software in smart phones to inquire about anti-counterfeiting

- c=123456

  └The following 123456 is for each group of security codes

- c=123456

   └Sigma 123456 behind the security code for each group



- Provide separate development of QR code modules for enterprises [one-time charge will be levied as appropriate]

- Indirectly publicize relevant enterprise information (such as enterprise profile, product pictures, enterprise dynamics, activity announcements, contact information, etc.) through consumer QR code anti-counterfeiting query

- Enterprises can log in to the micro platform for information release and upload

   └Please contact Technical Services Department for case studies

1. URL address link

Link Address:

└ or

Customer case:

①. Shenzhen Nanyin Technology Co., Ltd

Shengzhou Youduo Electric Appliance Co., Ltd

③ Dongfeng Castrol

④ Atlantic cable

⑤. Heshan Mikey Paint Co., Ltd

2. page embedded

Embedded address:

└ or

└ or

└ or


①. Pintar network

②. Iphire

③ Suizhou Kanhui Health Products Co., Ltd

3. Pop up IE small window type new method

Code statement: code=123456

Parameter description:

- code

The anti-counterfeiting code entered by the consumer in the TextBox is available through JavaScript


4. Smartphone terminal query


- Check the Android system on the code

- Check the Apple version on the Apple App Store.