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   SHENZHENSHI HUA XIN FANGWEI KEJI CO.,LTD. Founded in February 2008, is located in convenient transportation, beautiful Xixiang Street, Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, is a professional research and development of high-tech anti-counterfeiting labels and various types of general label production and sales of high-tech security enterprise companies. The company's main products and services in the United States, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other CIS countries specifically for large enterprises labels...>> Read More
Digital security principle: a network for each set a unique product code, and to the code stored in the central database, while in the country established a telephone (mobile or network) query identification network.
Is a holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in optics, chemistry, physics, electromagnetism, computer technology, spectroscopy, cross the field of printing technology and many other subjects.
Bar code technology is accompanied by the application of computers have developed the practice of an automatic identification technology.
Printing anti-counterfeiting technology refers to the security measures made by way of the plate transferred to the print on the security point, the print can be identified with, including the design and security printing security printing technology.
Texture is a packaging material anti-counterfeiting markings inherent security identification mark is a mark anti-counterfeiting technology.
Bio-security technology is the main fingerprint recognition technology as security, identity security iris recognition technology, antigen / antibody product anti-counterfeiting technology and DNA product anti-counterfeiting technology.