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    SHENZHENSHI HUA XIN FANGWEI KEJI CO.,LTD.Founded in February 2008, is located in convenient transportation, beautiful Xixiang Street, Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, is a professional research and development of high-tech anti-counterfeiting labels and various types of general label production and sales of high-tech security enterprise companies. The company's main products and services in the United States, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and other CIS countries specifically for large enterprises labels, the main business includes various integrated security labels, security tickets, special holographic plate stamping innovation. In particular the company last year successfully developed the first domestic rainbow gradient miniature text and special ink color and special equipment testing technology for enlarging, wine labels, health care products, cosmetics, tea, auto parts, medicine, food, electronics, clothing, agricultural products, milk powder and other books, namely scratch lottery tickets, battery labels, shampoo labels, certificates, and other types of labels, it has an irreplaceable role, domestic and foreign customers praise.
    The company has partnered with Shenzhen University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the fight against counterfeit goods, standardize the market order and safeguard the interests of enterprises, enhance the image of the product made a significant contribution.
    Domestic and foreign companies to introduce over-printing equipment, has a number of outstanding professional excellence, teamwork and technical personnel, modern factories, senior creative designers, constant innovation to establish the company's position in the industry.
    In the company of "quality first, treat people with sincerity, service-oriented," the purpose, and constantly develop new products, continuously expanding business areas and increasing technology allows us to keep up with high-quality products to market needs back to the old and new customers .
    We will be happy to help you!