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Shenzhen Huaxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd., established in February 2008, is located in Hangcheng street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen city. It is a company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of high-tech anti-counterfeiting labels, with independent intellectual property rights. It has won 40 anti-counterfeiting technologies of the State Intellectual Property Office, and won the title of national high-tech and Shenzhen high-tech "double high-tech" anti-counterfeiting enterprise.

Recommended by the organization committee of the Forum and other community units, the nomination of Comrade Zhao Hua to scientific and technological innovation outstanding individual qualifications, the nomination of Shenzhen Huaxin anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. to the Chinese-style modern industry-university-research collaborative innovative demonstration unit qualification to participate in the activity declaration.

Hong Kong Huaxin anti-counterfeiting International Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the negotiation of large enterprises from all over the world, especially the clients of the world's top 500 enterprises, and provides the mainland companies with information and talent transfer of world anti-counterfeiting technology.

After years of development, the group has now set up three special materials R & D and supporting supply factories, so that any label can be pasted on any pasted items, and it will not blister or curl up for ten years under the harsh and extremely cold environment of - 50 centigrade.

In 2017, Shenzhen Huaxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. was shortlisted as the new leading enterprise and leading object of China Economic Summit Forum and the 15th Annual Meeting of Chinese economic figures, and was awarded the title of "entrepreneur" of China Innovation in 2017. In 2017, Shenzhen Huaxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. and Zhao Hua, general manager of Shenzhen Huaxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. and Zhao Hua, general manager of China's anti-counterfeiting industry, have made great contributions to China's economic development In addition, Zhao Hua, the general manager of Shenzhen Huaxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. and Zhao Hua, the general manager of Shenzhen Huaxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd., has been selected into the China management innovation Merit Award for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and China's management reform in 2018 In view of the achievements of general manager Zhao Hua in enterprise innovation and academic theory and practice, Zhao Hua was recommended by relevant departments to be employed as academic member of China Academy of management sciences.

The company's main products serve brand enterprises, enterprises with strong awareness of enterprise brand protection, involving domestic wine companies, pharmaceutical enterprises, high brand electronic products and tea, food, agricultural products, and other brand enterprises, as well as European, American, Russian, Kazakhstan and other large-scale central enterprises providing comprehensive anti-counterfeiting label designated production plants.

Huaxin currently has more than 60 anti-counterfeiting technologies, the company is developing and applying the world's cutting-edge anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as ultra-micro positioning hollow out, multi band laser color changing metal wire, double cut heterogeneous solid concave convex holographic anti-counterfeiting technology, dot shaped curved multi chromatogram special fluorescent fiber and so on. Huaxin anti-counterfeiting has a strong scientific research ability. At present, it has 40 national patent technologies, including 4 invention patents. A number of invention patents have filled the gap in the anti-counterfeiting printing industry. Due to the invention patents, all products produced by Huaxin company can not be copied. It is often used by large-scale enterprises that attach importance to intellectual property rights to cooperate and protect their own brand awareness Enterprises.

Nomination for the 2024 China Scientists Forum's "Discovery of the Beauty of New Quality Productivity Value Models" Promotion Activity: Comrade Zhao Hua was nominated as an outstanding individual in scientific and technological innovation, and Shenzhen Huaxin Anti Counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. was nominated as a demonstration unit of modern industry university research collaborative innovation in a Chinese style.