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How about the anti-counterfeiting effect of rainbow gradient label?2021-01-19

When doing the anti-counterfeiting, should pay attention to let oneself understand, there has been a more and more different type of security allows you to select, should notice to allow yourself to be able to understand to this problem, to see what kind

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China commodity verification center query system entrance2021-01-19

The latest new method to scan the QR code for anti-counterfeiting Description: - The information in a QR code is defined as a set of encrypted URLs - Consumers can scan the QR code scanning software in smart phones to inquire about anti-counterfe

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Why choose to make anti-counterfeiting labels2020-12-31

Anti-counterfeiting labels are now more common. When you buy some products, if you want to let yourself know the authenticity of the products, you can also let yourself choose to check the anti-counterfeiting labels. Now most brands will Do anti-counterfeiting.

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