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General Manager's Speech
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General Manager's Huaxin: Zhao Hua
General Manager's Speech +

Graduated from the National Key University 211 Project Nanchang University, graduated from Renmin University of China EMBA postgraduate, and studied at the Laser Anti-counterfeiting Research Institute of Shenzhen University, which is influential in China’s anti-counterfeiting industry. After years of research and study, with strong professional knowledge, he is a general A person who applies the Euro technology in the anti-counterfeiting printing label industry is also a person who is skilled in using and mastering the application of the world-difficult positioning aluminum washing technology in anti-counterfeiting products. Now according to the development trend of the world's anti-counterfeiting technology, he is preparing to develop and apply anti-counterfeiting that can represent the world's leading edge. Technology, the application of the three-dimensional embossed laser three-dimensional metal wire used in the upcoming new version of the US dollar to anti-counterfeiting products, making it impossible to copy and imitate, will create a new era and new benchmark for the anti-counterfeiting industry in China and the world. In 2017, he was shortlisted for the China Economic Summit Forum and the 15th Annual Meeting of Chinese Economic Figures as the new leader and leader. He was awarded the title of China Innovation "Entrepreneur" in 2017. In 2017, he led Shenzhen Huaxin Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. to be selected as Shenzhen The chairman unit of the City Yugan Chamber of Commerce, was selected as "China's Reform and Innovation Business Integrity Entrepreneur" by the China Integrity Entrepreneur Conference in 2019, and the company was selected as "China's Advanced Demonstration Unit for Integrity Management, and in 2019 was selected as "2019 China by the China Scientist Forum" "Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration Unit" and hired as "executive director"!